Saturday, 11 February 2012

What makes a good practitioner??

It is not the easiest profession as some make it out to be! So how do you know if you have what it takes??

Child care is a profession taken on by many purely for the love of children. Many nursery nurses and practitioners would agree that there is not much money in the job, and you do have to love what you do. Here are my ideas on what makes a good practitioner........would love to hear your thoughts on this too!!

1. You need patience..........and lots of it!! Looking after other peoples children can be extremely testing and sometimes the parents themselves can make you feel like exploding!! Patience is the key!!

2. You need understanding......... you will encounter a range of different personalities, ideologies and viewpoints which you need to take into account and consider. Your own views may need to be pushed aside.

3. You need common sense............ you would be amazed at the amount of people in childcare I have met that do not have this!

4. You need to be a good listener................listening to staff, parents and the children you work with.

5. You need to be willing to many things change so often in the child care sector, which may require you to learn more and more. Courses and qualifications change too, so you will need to be up to speed with all the latest policies, procedures and theories.

6. You need to be adaptable to change............... as mentioned above, so many things change in child care and quite often and you may not always agree with them, but it is your duty to carry them out regardless. Frustrating, but true.

7. You need to be a child at heart..............being able to look silly, make a child laugh and feel at ease doesn't always come easy, but having the ability to be on a child's level and see things from their point of view makes all the difference.

8. You need to be parent wants to leave their child with a grumpy practitioner. And no child wants to talk to one either!! Being approachable makes it easier for parents, staff and children to open up to you and come to you with their queries or complaints.

9. You need to be a good everyone, but especially the children. You would be surprised how many people in childcare I have seen ignoring children when they ask them something or have something to say. They are the reason you chose your profession, so talk to them!!

10. You need to be a good team will encounter people you work well with and some that you don't, but being a team player allows you to work effectively and for the benefits of the setting and your customers!

These are only my ideas, and I am sure I could come up with many more. Let me know what you think?? Have I missed something really important out that you would have said??


  1. Hey I totally agree. And another point I thought of us dnt laugh at parents the amount of times I've spoken to a parent and they have no clue!!

    You have so gotta be a child at heart!! On Friday we put the white board on with pop music one direction crazy frog etc turned the lights off and gave the children tourches to rave with while the staff were jumping around like loons, the main part was the children loved it!!!! X

    1. So true Sam (is that you Green eggs?) I have many a fond memory just going mad with a certain practitioner friend of mine to High school musical letting our hair down and the children loving every minute!