Friday, 17 February 2012

They do exist!!!

After hearing constant stories about bad Dads, it was refreshing to see such caring ones on tv
Last night, I saw a lovely program about 3 men preparing to become fathers. It was such a refreshing program to highlight the fathers points of view, their feelings and thoughts on taking a big step in their lives. It was also good to hear nice stories about Dads rather than ones which show fathers as a waste of space.

I don't think it is highlighted enough that there are brilliant dads out there. This program showed them reading up and getting anxious about the birth of their first child, supporting their partners as they gave birth and recovered afterwards, and how they felt about their own fathers and wanted to make sure they gave their children better lives.

It was so sweet to see men getting emotional about their children being born and wanting to be such a huge part of their lives. One of them was actually concerned that if he didn't spend as much time as possible with his baby in the first few weeks, that the baby would reject him. He was in tears on his return to work. It was so lovely. It made me wonder for the first time what it must have been like for my husband, especially as we didn't have the smoothest of births.

It is great to have a hands on dad. Even last night, he helped out when our daughter decided to wake up in the early hours. He has always helped out as much as he can as well as working hard to bring the money into the home. (Thank you sweetheart!!)

So, they do exist...................tell me about your amazing partners and their fathering skills.....lets celebrate them!!

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