Friday, 10 February 2012

The stress of parenting

Sometimes you just don't realise how stressful parenting can be!!

It can be a really tough job, as rewarding as it can be, it is sometimes extremely stressful!! I have been finding this in the last few months and looking back, I have had several stressful moments to contend with since having my daughter 19 months ago!!

It is the small things that sometimes get to room on the bus for a pushchair, waiting in a queue of moaning people as my child screams, not being able to find out why she is is an endless list!! The other day, I became quite stressed with my daughter being under my feet as I tried to tidy the house. She just wanted Mummy and I needed to get the jobs done as we were having a viewing of our house and I wanted it looking good. Even today, I got a little stressed collapsing the pushchair to put into a storage cupboard at the hotel where we go to ballet!! It's just so time consuming and difficult when you have a toddler eager to climb the stairs to start her lesson!!

It is perfectly normal to get stressed as a parent, it comes with the territory!! The bad news is, the stress won't stop until they leave home...........and probably not even then!! It is a natural response to worry for your child, and that often leads to stress and anxiety too. So, how do we try and limit how stressed we get? Well, the first thing is to try and remain calm. Children will react to your stress and often play on them, causing even more stress as a result!! Try to remember that your child is the most important thing........who cares if you are a little late to a parent and toddler group or class? It doesn't matter as long as you and your child are safe!! People should understand how difficult it can be juggling life with a child.

Try and take a bit of time to count to ten, or take yourself away from the situation if possible, just to distract yourself from what is happening. Take deep breaths and keep calm!! If it your child who is stressing you out,  try distracting them with a toy or game to get what you need done.

Does anyone else find parenting stressful?

Thankyou to Rachel for her picture of her beautiful little boy..........enough to put a smile on even a stressed out parent!!!


  1. You have amazing compassion!
    Yes, parenting is stressful... but those baby years prepare a mom for the strength she will need later. Older kids present different challenges. Being able to look back and realize we remember the joys, not the stresses, is comforting. :)

  2. We are BFF and have many thigs in common. I love your blog. Yes, parenting is stresful, even when they are grown up. Idid survive having little ones. Now, I enjoy watching my grandchildren make my girls want to pull thier hair out. Malika

  3. Just stopping in from The Joyful Jungle. I love your point about remembering that there are more important things in life than being late!