Saturday, 25 February 2012

The role of a nursery practitioner

As practitioners, we are sometimes overlooked just to how much we actually do!!

Through working in childcare settings, I often found that people on the outside looking in, had a rose tinted view of what we actually were doing in our roles. I often used to hear "wow! I'd love to sit and play with children all day!" or "What an easy life you must have!" And yet, the job is far from easy!!

What we should be hearing is "Wow, what a rewarding job that must be" or "you must have great patience!" If only the job were as simple as merely playing!! I decided to become a Nursery Nurse after doing my A levels at college. I still did not have the C grade Maths needed to become a teacher as I had originally planned, and the pressure was so much to go to university, I didn't want  to conform!!

It was my Mum who found the advert in the local news paper looking for a Nursery Apprentice, offering training towards my NVQ and a chance to earn money doing something I had found I enjoyed through babysitting and studying for my GCSE Child Development. It makes me cringe when I hear teenagers now going for interviews for nursery positions saying they like babysitting, so they are perfect for the job, but I was one of those teenagers once!!

It was hard work learning the ins and outs of being a Nursery practitioner, and some things I did learn the hard way. I made mistakes and learnt from them, but still carried on because I loved being such a part of the children's lives. I have always found that working in childcare made me feel like I was someone very special. I think nowadays as practitioners this is something we forget. We work hard to make sure the children are in a safe,caring learning environment and that the parents are happy leaving their precious little ones in our care. We should stand tall and congratulate ourselves for being so good at what we do!!

Listen to me, I am talking as if I still work in childcare!! I do miss it, but I am using all I have learnt towards being a good parent and to help you guys!! So, don't take it when you hear those comments. Stand up for yourselves and tell them how it really is............. "well, actually today I was sick on three times, changed 6 dirty nappies and still had time to make biscuits, prepare junk modelling and clean up the messy play!!!" I wonder what looks you will get then!!!

Picture is of me, back in my early days of child care. I was in costume at the Christmas Play!!

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