Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Birthdays and Behaviour

                             Birthdays and busy weeks = one very grumpy child!!

It has been a very busy week since our last update. Our little girl has had a lot to contend with recently and all topped off with her Mummy's birthday!!

We have been spending lots of time with a friend over the last week. I am looking after a four year old for a family member 3 days a week and our little one is loving the company!! When her friend is over, they play wonderfully and she is starting to understand about sharing and other social skills which she may not have gained playing at home with me!!

This is also tiring her out though, and once her friends leave we see a different child!! She has become clingy to me and has been crying and wont let me out of her sight!! I am persevering though as this is just a phase she is going through. She will get used to sharing Mummy, and it is a great learning curve for her as one day we intend having another child, who wont go home at the end of the day!!

On top of this, she went to stay at her grandmas for one night so Mummy and Daddy could celebrate Mummy's birthday. She was good as gold for her, but when she came home..........BAM!!! Out strikes the devil child again!! She has been testing me to the limit since returning home!! But its all part of the learning process!! You just have to be patient and stick to your guns!! She has had a lot different, but once she gets into the new routine, she will surely be back to her usual self..............i hope!!

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