Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Moving home and Valentines Day

                                                                    Feeling the love!!

Happy Valentines Day!! I have been busy today getting the food together for a lovely meal with my husband this evening, which also meant a good stroll to the nearest supermarket and plenty of fresh air for me and my daughter! It has been another good week, with my gorgeous girl being ever so good. We have been out and about exploring a new area which we hope to move to.

It is a big decision when you decide to move house and to a new area, but even more so when you have a child. You need to think about schools, local shops, doctors and in our case local parks and play areas as I feel this is important for her health and well being.

Hopefully, we have found an area to go to which we all really like. She was quite happy with the swings and slide which we tried out the other day when looking for a house. Let's just hope we can get things sorted!

Back to the Valentines theme............well, I am definitely feeling the love!! Not only have I a lovely husband to share the day with (well, when he gets home!) but I have our lovely little girl to love. A child really does make you love with all of your heart........a love that really can make your heart ache and your soul blossom. They are a gift and I thank my husband for her. She is a true symbol of our love!!

So, grab your child today and give them the biggest Valentines day hug!! For there is no love than a child's love!

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