Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Another week begins and our daughter has something new to enjoy!!

It is the next big step in turning from a baby to a toddler..........the cot becomes a bed!! As with everything we introduce to our little girl, over the past two weeks we have introduced a cover into the cot to replace her gro bags, which she was beginning to get rather frustrated with!!

To extend this, I ordered her a cot bed duvet a pillowcase set. I must admit, I was nervous enough about how she would fair with a cover, but after a week or so of her having it in her cot, I have noticed how well she has taken to it. By introducing it this way, I have found that she has started to be less mobile in her sleep, and we don't tend to find her upside down in the bed anymore!! This has led to the introduction of the duvet, which arrived today with the pillow.

When it arrived, I showed her what had come and got her to help me open it. I put her new cover on the duvet and discussed the pictures on it (a bear with butterflies!!) and I then let her play for 10 minutes with it. She pretended to sleep, laying her head on the pillow and me tucking her under the covers!! Then her old faithful lamb Teddy had a little sleep as did I!!! When it came to her late morning nap, she was quite happy to get in her bed and she waved me out of the door, falling straight to sleep!!

It is important to stress that pillows and duvets usually have an age restriction of 12 months and up, but many health professionals say no younger than 18 months. By introducing the bedding the way I have described, you do allow your child to ease into the idea at their own pace. If you try it and they are not ready, then stop and try again in a few weeks. Of course, the discussion I have had with my husband is that the cot is a little snug for the duvet and we may have to (gulp!!) make the cot into its bed form this weekend!! There could be an interesting few weeks ahead once this happens, but if something is working, it's best to keep going!!

I will keep you all posted!!

A special thanks to Michelle, Hannah and Rachel who have sent me some photographs of their children. Watch the site for their appearance with appropriate posts!!

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