Friday, 3 February 2012

Behaviour issues in our home!

Tantrums and tutus!!
What a week we have had!! It has been one of ups and downs, that is for sure!! Last week, my little one decided to have an outburst which shocked us both. As I mentioned in a previous post, she has started the terrible twos a bit early, and we have been having spectacular tantrums. Whilst on my lap last week, smothering me with kisses, she decided to start licking me! I simply calmly said " No, that's not very nice" to which a tantrum ensued, with her deciding to give me a headbutt!!

Well, needless to say, I was in shock! It hurt so much, it brought me to tears and I am sure it hurt her too as she was in floods of tears and seemed shocked herself. It is difficult to handle calmly a situation like this when you are in pain and not impressed! I sat her down away from toys and other distractions (we have decided not to have a particular "naughty spot") and told her to stay put. After a minute, once I and my daughter had had time to calm down, I asked her to come and say sorry and have a cuddle and kiss. I had a bruised nose for a few days, and I am sure she had a bruised ego!!

I had noticed that she was headbutting the sofa and other furniture when she didn't get her way, but since last weeks incident, she seems to have not had as many outbursts this week. In fact, I haven't seen her headbutt anything!! In this situation, I think she has learnt that it hurts to head butt and it doesn't get her anywhere!!

Meanwhile, we have been continuing our ballet lessons every Friday morning, and I have really noticed how much she is taking it all in! She has a new tutu bought with her Christmas pennies and totally looks the part now!! Now she is more mobile, she is using the space around her to move and really watches the ballet teacher to copy her moves. The mixture of music and action songs as well as pom poms and musical instruments, really has her enthralled! In fact, she spends a fair bit of time at home telling her toys they are "naughty toes!!" and practising her bends and stretches around the house!! I am so glad she has something physical to do to help with her development and help to keep her healthy!! You can find out more about ballet classes in the south of the UK at

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