Sunday, 5 February 2012

Positive remarks go a long way

Start your week with three positives and set yourself up for the day!!
It is often hard when working with children to find the motivation to start the day, especially on a Monday morning!! You may see parents who feel the same as they wearily bring their children in before heading off to work. Here is one idea which I was once taught to do that shows you how easy it can be to start the day off in a positive light and wake yourself up in the process!!

When a child arrives at the door and comes into your setting, have the goal in your head to say three positive things about them. It might be "you are looking very happy today" or " I like your green top" or just "it's lovely to see your smile this morning" It wakes you up because you are doing the same for each child that comes in the door, and it also teaches you how simple it is to give positive feedback.

Such a greeting is also a fantastic start to the child's day. They may have been rushed to get out of the house, or still feeling a little tired from their weekend exploits, so three little comments of encouragement can really boost the self esteem. I found it also helped break the ice with children reluctant to leave their parents, as the comments usually end up as a full blown conversation. It is also great for the parents too, making them very comfortable leaving their child in your care.

I have often used this strategy with the children in my care, but also with staff too!! I found that a few positive comments towards a member of staff can really help boost their self esteem and help them to have a positive start to their day. It is definitely worth a try it for a week and see how it works!! I would love to hear from you about your experiences trying it out!!

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