Monday, 27 February 2012

Making mistakes

                                                 Making mistakes is all part of parenting
It is one of the biggest roles we have to learn in life, and we all make mistakes. But making these mistakes help us to be better parents in the long run!! It is hard work and sometimes learning these things can really knock you back. Text books are all very good, we used them for some things, but mainly we had to learn by experience and as we went along.

Of course, advice from our own parents and professionals is all very useful too. But, as I found, too much advice can leave you confused and not knowing which is the best advice to take. I have made plenty of little mistakes which I soon learnt from. Here are a few to make you all laugh!!!

* Never make the mistake of saying the words "Dinner", "lunch" or "Bed" if you are not actually having this within seconds of saying it...........paddy alert!!

* Don't try to do too much at once.......for example changing your child's bedtime routine when you have an ill child or your child has been staying elsewhere the night before.

* You don't need all the latest "in things" when it comes to buying for a new baby!! Half of them do not get used, you can usually buy them cheaper and babies grow out of things far to quickly!! A lot of things you can get buy without too........we never used a bath thermometer, just our elbows and we haven't had any issues!!

* Don't send a 7 month old down the slide unaided, no matter how small the slide is!! This is something my husband learnt when our little one hurt her head!! Silly Daddy!!

* Do not underestimate how much sleep you will lose!! We have lost far more than we have ever imagined!!!

* Never try to keep up with the Joneses or worry that you don't do enough for your child. As long as you do the best, that's the important thing!!

* Don't leave crayons around for your little one to end up with a decorated wall or two!!

* Don't teach your child how to put washing in the laundry end up with socks in the kitchen bin!!

What sort of things have you learnt about by making mistakes in parenting??? I would love to hear from you!!

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