Monday, 20 February 2012

Routines lead to brighter futures

                         Why a routine is important, even for your child's future!!

I was recently reading an article in Junior magazine which underlined how studies had found that according to research, 6 in 10 pupils who achieved 5 C grade GCSE's came from homes where a routine was the norm.

It is often written and told to parents that babies need a routine to allow them to feel safe and secure and allow them to eat better. Whilst all this is fantastic, it is refreshing to know that having a routine can work for a child on a long term basis too. We have certain routines in the house which my daughter is used to. She is fed at roughly the same time every day, and her bedtime routine is similar everyday. It is also important to remember that you do also need to be flexible.

For example, this weekend we went to visit friends and our little one had to adjust to slightly different times and a different bed and room to sleep in. It became so confusing, she needed a little familiarity before being able to sleep, in that she wanted me to read to her next to her bed and kiss her goodnight, as I do every night at home. Once I had read that story on a one on one, she felt more secure and had one of the best sleeps she had in a while!!

It doesn't do any harm at all to have times were routines are slightly different. Holidays are a big example of this and sometimes it can be difficult to readjust to routines once you are back home. Luckily, it is as if our daughter realises that once we step through the front door of our house, we are back to our normal routines. She even adapts well when our weekends can be slightly different............for one Daddy is with us all day!!!

So, I am going to keep to routines as much as I can and for long as possible. Knowing that I am making not only my life easier in the short term, but benefiting my little one in the long term is enough for me to know that it is the best thing to do!!

Thankyou to Michelle for the  picture of her beautiful daughter having fun at the park!

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