Sunday, 12 February 2012

Making the most of music

How different types of music can really make a difference 

I don't like silence. Quite often, the television is on in our house because I cannot stand it being totally silent and it makes me feel like there is another adult in the room!! But, recently I have been ditching the television (as it should be with a little one around!!) and choosing the radio instead.

The other day, I was feeling quite stressed, so off went the television and on went Classical FM. It was so relaxing, I noticed both my daughter and I completely chilling out! Her behaviour changed, and she loved just sitting playing on the floor with her toys next to me, whereas she had been charging around before the radio went on! She was intrigued by the music, going up to the radio and just standing still to listen, before dancing to the music which had more of an uptempo feel to it.

I have often used different styles of music within the settings I have worked in. Along the way, I have collected CD's ranging from the traditional nursery rhyme songs to Chinese music, didgeridoo music and panpipes. Giving  a child access to different types of music allows them to be able to be open to different styles, tempo's and even be able to begin to identify instruments, with a little help from you of course!!

As you may have seen in one of my previous posts, I have used music to inspire during painting activities. With older children, you may see that what colours they use, how they paint and what they paint can be influenced by the type of music they hear. It can really unleash a child's creative side, making them think about what the music reminds them of.

It can help to calm children as well. I found that playing chill out music, whether it be lullabies, classical or even a love song or two, can really help a child to relax. I played such music when I was pregnant with my daughter and found that playing the same music to her once she was born, really helped her to stay calm and relax. Many parents find such music helps their children to sleep!

You can find different genres of music in some charity shops or bargain CD stores. They are not usually too expensive as not many people do buy them, so it is worth doing. It doesn't matter if you are not too keen on the music yourself, it is for your children's benefit and can make very interesting conversations!! Here are a few types of music you could try..........

* Panpipes
* Bagpipes
* Choral music such as Welsh choirs, female choirs, mixed choirs, church choirs etc
* Organ
* Chinese
* Bollywood
* Didgeridoo
* Classical
* Piano
* Saxophone
* Flute
* Violin
* Big band
* Orchestral
* Rock and Roll
* R and B
* Relaxation/ chill out CD's - mind, body and spirit etc
* Birdsong
* Cello
* Harp
* Pop songs
* Children's television and film theme tunes
* Film soundtracks ( I have used Titanic, Lord of the Dance and Riverdance as well as Braveheart)

There are so many options out take a look and try something new! You never know, you might end up enjoying different music too!!

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