Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nursery prices soar

Nursery costs go up by a further 6 per cent in the are parents meant to cope?
The cost of living is forever rising, and wages dont always follow suit. Many parents looking for childcare are sometimes struggling as it is, and now there is another rise in childcare costs!!

A report in the Guardian on Monday outlined how whilst childcare costs have risen by 6 per cent in a year, wages have only risen by 0.3%. Parents are forking out almost £15,000 a year, which in many cases is one adults salary. It is understandable that fees do have to rise in order to pay for staff wages, heating, lighting, food etc, but on the other side of the coin are the parents struggling to cope with working to afford childcare.

When I was looking into going back to work, I realised that what I would earn was practically dead money as it would have gone straight into childcare fees, leaving me nothing at the end of the month. I am lucky to have a partner who earns enough for me to stay at home, but what about those parents who do not have that luxury??

It is a two sided argument which coming from a nursery nurse background I can see both sides. Many nursery nurses would say if this was the case why are nursery practitioners still some of the lowest paid in the industry? It can start off many a heated discussion, as I have noticed on the Guradian website where there is many a heated word to be said about this report. for those of you who wish to see the report and the comments which have followed.

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