Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Technology is not always the most fun!

                                                 Children choosing retro over techno

Further to my post last week about technology, I watched an interesting piece on daytime television today about children trying out retro products alongside their newer equivalents. The results were really interesting.  Out of the 5 or so products which were tested, only 2 children chose the modern versions of the toys.

It was great to see children exploring the toys which my generation  once played with, and it does go to show that given their own choice, a lot of children will still go for the ones that don't have fancy gimmicks. One parent said that the newer equipment such as i pads and leap frogs do offer the opportunity to help children to read and write in a fun and interesting way, rather than a meaningless game. I agree that modern technology is very helpful as an aid to learning, but I do relish in the fact that sometimes the older toys are still the best!!!

Have your children got a retro toy that maybe you played with and they love?? I would love to hear your comments!

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