Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Without the Internet

Many British children would feel sad and lonely without Internet connection!!!

Last week, I read an article in the Daily telegraph which shocked me. Apparently, 49 per cent of British children under twelve would feel sad if they didn't have access to the Internet! 48 per cent said that they would feel lonely. What is more, the research carried out by Interspierience found that it is 2 year olds who have the run of the family's Ipad.

I understand that we live in an age of technology and that sooner or later, my daughter is going to want to have a go on the old laptop, but I find it most upsetting that children who don't have access to the Internet or computer games would feel sad or lonely. What does this say about our society as parents? I remember playing the computer as a child, but I knew how to entertain myself without it. Reading, making things, playing on my bike with my sister and friends, listening to music...........why does this not happen so much anymore??

I think a lot of it does come down to how parents teach their children. If a child is shown how to make their own fun and enjoy a range of activities, they should find it easier to cope without Internet connection or the use of an Ipad!! I do want my child to be in touch with technology as it is clearly going to be a big part of her future in school and in her work life, but I also want her to be able to find her creative side, making up her own games and finding her own fun without the need of technology.

I heard someone talking about their child the other day who brushed aside the idea of building a den because they were bored. Sometimes this is because the parent is not offering to go and do it with them "go and make a den" is totally different to "let's go build a den!" We are very busy people as parents, juggling work and home making alongside bringing up our children, but it all comes down to giving them a little bit of your time each day to build their imaginations and allow them to feel more confident so that they will explore by themselves too!


  1. I agree theres lots of things to entertain children besideds the internet and technology, but it is important to allow them to be familiar with it too, its difficult because computers give so much entertainment theres a risk that you can just leave them to do all the entertaining as its easier that way. My three all love computers and do spend a lot of time on them, BUT they also love to make dens, play with their figures and make cardboard box houses, and go for walks in the woods, everything in moderation is deffinately the key x

  2. Thats exactly what I was trying to say Sarah. It is something I really want my daughter to be aware of and used to, but like your children, I also want her to love being outdoors and creative! Thanks for your comment and interest in the site x

  3. My oldest son is a senior in high school. We are very close. I know -- based on what his friends say -- that this stems from taking the time to enter into his world when he was younger. When he loved Pokemon, I learned about Pokemon. I even had a few cards of my own :-).

    With my second son, I learned all about Star Wars -- and Yoda-speak, I have mastered.

    A computer is no substitute for quality time.