Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The smacking debate

The debate about smacking hits the headlines again

It is a debate which like so many others, comes out every year or so and thanks to a storyline in one of Britains favourite soaps, Coronation Street, the debate about smacking your child has once again resurfaced.

Many people have opinions on this matter. It has been on countless chat shows recently with everyone sending in their thoughts. I may as well add to the bunch!! I was smacked as a child and don't feel it has done me any harm. I learnt the boundaries and that things I had done which were unacceptable were indeed just that. But, I have chosen not to smack our daughter. This is purely because of my childcare background, however, where I have been so used to carrying out other forms of discipline without the need to chastise physically.

When you are used to using behaviour management in settings, it does seem strange to me that I would even consider smacking, but if I had been in a different profession, my choices may have been different. By law, you can smack your child as long as it doesn't cause reddening of the skin. There is a huge difference between smacking and hitting, and I believe that parents who do smack their children should not be victimised for doing so. It is every parents choice how they discipline their children, and I do believe that there is no harm in parents making the choice to smack if it works for them.

We do live in a society where making that choice does lead to certain stigmas. Some older children have threatened their parents with calling childline if they smack them, so it is understandable that parents do often decide to choose a non smacking approach. It is difficult, especially when children can really test the boundaries and respect seems to be totally out of the window. You can read my other posts on discipline and "saying no" and also behaviour to give you some guidance on behaviour management.

For the meantime, I continue to listen to peoples views as the debate carries on. What are your thoughts??

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