Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fun in the snow!

The cold snap can be a fantastic learning opportunity

It annoys many, disrupts a lot of people and its very cold!! But, children love snow and it can offer a great many opportunity for learning!! First, it is how to prepare for going outside in the snow.........what do we need to wear? Why do we dress this way? What shoes are best and why? so many questions you can ask before you have even stepped outside the door!!

And the conversations can continue to get the children thinking. You can discuss the changes the snow has made to the environment. What sounds can you hear ( I always find there can be an eerie silence with snow!!) Can you see any tracks in the snow and if so, who do you think made them? How are icicles made and what do they look like? The possibilities are endless!!

Of course, all children love a good snowball fight, sledge or making a snowman. It teaches them about how malleable snow can be and how you can travel across the snow safely with different modes of transport. You can discuss skis, snow ploughs, sledges etc.

For me, there is nothing like a good blanket of snow and being the first person to walk in it. It is my guilty little pleasure!! I am not sure if we will be lucky enough to get the snow where we are this weekend, but if we do I am definitely first in the garden tomorrow!! Snow also brings some difficulties for the wildlife around us, so it is good to encourage your child to feed the birds and make sure there is no frozen water in the bird baths out there!!

Get out there and enjoy the snow with your doesn't happen very often and it goes as quickly as it arrives at times!!

Many thanks to Michelle for the picture of her little one enjoying the wintry weather

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