Sunday, 26 February 2012

An activity idea...........with lids!

                                                    Plastic lids are the way to go!!!!!
When working in nurseries and pre- schools, we often made little collections of different objects which the children could explore. An example of these items were plastic lids. Not necessarily what you may think of being a good tool to aid children's learning, but in fact there is so much children can learn from  collection of plastic lids!!

Plastic lids come in a range of colours and sizes. The best ones to collect are those off of drinks bottles, milk packaging, and jam jars. These lids can offer a range of different activity ideas and learning opportunities. Here are a few ideas:

1. Sorting lids into colours, sizes etc - great for Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

2.  If you keep a few bottles etc from where the lids came from, the children can explore finding the right lid to fit the right container.

3. Exploring shape by offering lids from butter packaging.

4. Use the lids to create collage pictures (anyone who has seen Mr Maker on Cbeebies may have seen an example of this

5. Use the lids to print with. They make fantastic circle paintings!!!

6. Create photo frames by mounting the lids face down onto card, cutting out a photograph and sticking it inside the lid. These would make a fab mothers day gift idea!!

7. Make an alphabet train using the lids. By putting a letter on each one, you can create an easy to make alphabet line!!! As they are 3D too, they can really grab a child's attention!!

8. Put the lids in a large activity tray with boxes so that the children can explore filling the boxes with the lids. They also make a fantastic noise when the boxes are given a shake!!

9. Use them to make a mobile. Hang them from string after decorating them with foil, glitter and paint!!

10. Make a wind chime out of them. By hanging them close together on a rod in an outdoor space, they can create an interesting sound!!

Anybody out there have any other fab ideas for lids??? Email me at and I can add them to the list with your name!!

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