Monday, 2 January 2012

Walking nightmares!!

It is great when your little one walks..........but what about when they always want to????

Our little one started walking properly in December and ever since has been showing more and more confidence. It is now getting to the point where she is opting to walk rather than being in a pushchair or being carried. This is great for her development, but not always that practical....... well, she has her own route everywhere!!

I enjoy allowing her to have her Independence now she has found her feet, and by doing so, I merely point her in the right direction and teach her the rules of walking in the big wide world. It is funny though, a walk to the corner shop used to take 3 mins when I pushed the pushchair, but now it takes a good 10 mins!! We have to stop to say hello to the neighbourhood cats, or wait for them if she can't see one, say hello to the people who walk past and even check the cars going past to see if Daddy is in them!!

As long as she is watched and safe, there is no problem with her having a wander. We occasionally allow her to do so in shops, as long as they are not too busy. You begin to feel when is right and when you need the pushchair. The pushchair is used for longer walks and busy areas. Many parents opt to use reigns at this stage, but I have yet to try this. At the moment I am teaching her to hold my hand and at roads we stop and I carry her across.

Of course, there will come a time when the pushchair is no longer needed and she will walk everywhere...........great for space in the boot of the car!! As parents we do need to have eyes everywhere and it can be very daunting letting your child explore the world on their own two feet when they have just begun to walk. But it is something all toddlers need to learn and it is very very heartwarming to see it hap en in front of your eyes!!!!

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