Monday, 23 January 2012

Starting to potty train

Early steps towards potty training!

Over the last two weeks, we decided to introduce the potty to the bathroom. We are not potty training as such, but since our daughter was 6 months old, we have taken steps to make potty training a little easier in the future.

At 6 months, we moved her changing mat from the bedroom into the bathroom, so that she would begin to associate being wet or dirty with the toilet area. I have also never hidden away with my own toileting, so she begun to understand that I have to go to the toilet too!! The potty has come into our bathroom as a talking point, with a duck on the front for her to talk about (and often talk to!) She knows the toilet as "wee wee Mummy" and her potty as "potty wee wee". Each time we change her nappy, she is offered the chance to go herself. If she declines, we make no big deal about it.

By doing this with no fuss, she is actually more inclined to sit on it when we offer her the chance. So far, we have days where she has done 4 or 5 wees, and some days where we have none. I have now begun to ask her if she wants to go when I go, which she likes because she tells me I am clever Mummy and gives me a clap. If she doesn't do anything, she is still praised for trying and then when she does go, a big cuddle and welldone is given, with plenty of clapping!!

This is just how we have dealt with early potty training, and we know we are a while from her making the move into pants, but I know that gradually, she will begin to realise when she needs to go and will ask for the potty herself.

How early have some of you parents begun potty training? Did it work???

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