Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Painting fun

Busy, busy, busy!!!
There is so much I could discuss on here about what we have been up to recently, it is hard to chose which one to write about!! From messy play to leaps of development for her, we have been so busy!! As this means there are plenty of stories to tell over the next few weeks, here is what we got up to when a friend of Emily's came over to play!!

Her friend is older than her at 4 years old, so I wanted to do something to keep them both entertained and create lots of fun! So, I decided ball painting to be the best idea! I rolled out paper across my kitchen floor, taping the sides down so it would not roll up whilst they worked on their masterpiece. I used some plastic plates to put the paint on and used four plastic balls from her ball pit to use as a painting tool.

I got them to roll the balls across the paper to create marks. Her friend got it right away and loved seeing how far she could get the ball across the room. My little one found that interesting for all of one minute, and discovered it was more fun to put her hands in the paint and smear that across the paper. It didn't matter, that was all part of the fun!! This is one thing practitioners have to learn early on, just because you have an outcome in mind, doesn't mean that the child will have the same intentions!!

We ended up with a little girl so covered in blue paint, she looked like a smurf!! But, she had fun, as did her friend who was also most impressed that she got to take half the painting home as she had helped to create it!!! Thank goodness my husband was home to help me clear up the mess, by bathing our daughter whilst I washed up the painting gear!!! I love every minute of it!!!

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