Saturday, 7 January 2012

Growing up and eating more!

There must be a baby getting older in our house...... things are changing fast!

It is the inevitable..........babies get bigger!! It is hard to believe that next week, our little one is turning 18 months, and things seem to be happening so quickly in terms of her development, it is getting a little hard to keep up!!

We made the decision that her high chair was causing her to lean backwards, which is not the best position when eating! I had been very impressed at how she had taken to sitting on small chairs whist at our local Childrens centre and therefore we decided to buy her her very own table and chairs! It has gone down an absolute treat!! She has already integrated it into her own little games during the day, sitting her toys on it to read books and asking to sit up there to play.

Mealtimes have turned into an absolute pleasure too. She sits very happily at the table, eating her meals like a big girl. We are having to encourage her to keep her legs the right way round as she keeps turning, but this is all part of the learning process!! One of my friends had also thought of buying her daughter a table and chairs, but people told her she was too young, just turning one. It is nonsense! If you feel your child is ready and you know it will work for them, then why not go with it!! You know your child best at the end of the day, and whereas some children are not ready for this step at a year old, others are.

Sitting up at the table like this helps with your child's posture, helps develop physical skills as they practise getting up and down on the chairs and also helps considerably with table manners, which I have discussed in a previous post (click on table manners on the side list to read more)

And it is not the only thing we have been thinking of introducing into our house for our daughter, but I will save those for future posts, so watch this space!!

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