Saturday, 14 January 2012

How practitioners should deal with complaints

Dealing with complaints

I wrote a post for parents on how to complain this week, but what about being on the other end? It can be very daunting when a parent is upset and complains to you, so how do you handle it??

Relationships with parents are a key part of a practitioners everyday routine and a very important part at that. The first thing I can say is to remain calm. I have dealt with a very irate parent once and to be honest, it even scared me a little. It is key that you show that you are interested and understand the parents concern. If it is something you can deal with, let them know how you are going to do so. If it is something you feel you cannot deal with, or is out of your remit, then refer them to your supervisor or management team.

If a parent wishes to speak to you, if you can try and do so in a quiet place away from others, especially if they are particularly irate or upset. If you cannot leave a room, contact your manager in order to arrange cover or to deal with the situation for you. All complaints should be discussed with a manager or supervisor so that they are aware of the situation and in many cases, they will probably need to be logged and written down in order to keep a record of everything that occurs and how it is dealt with. More serious complaints may mean meetings with management and minute taking with the parents. It can all depend on the severity of the situation.

As long as you remain calm and reassure the parent that you will do your utmost to resolve the situation, you cannot really go wrong. Remember if you are uncomfortable with the situation, you should call on another member of staff to be with you or to take over. If a parent is abusive, you have the right to ask them to leave and call a manager to help you.

Have any of you had problems with parents before?? How did you handle it?

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