Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Messy play

A messy afternoon proves lots of fun, and very educational!!

Today I planned a messy play activity using something I had in the cupboard! After a little walk to the park, we sat at the table to explore gloop..........that's cornflour and water!! I placed it in a small baking tray so that she could place her hands into the mixture and explore the textures.

When you touch and handle the mixture, it behaves like a solid. But when you let the mixture drip through your fingers, it behaves like a liquid! This is a fantastic learning curve for children as it doesn't behave how they would expect! I noticed how my daughter tried tasting the mixture, flicking it off of her hands and also creating lines in it with her fingers (as I was showing her!) By doing so, she was learning cause and effect, exploring texture and even some early writing skills by mark making!!

Many things can be added to the mixture to enhance their interest too. You can add bowls,spoons, bricks, toy people.........anything to allow your child to explore the amazing properties of cornflour and water! It is a fantastic activity to do and is very cheap to carry out as cornflour in the supermarket does not cost too much!!

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