Monday, 16 January 2012

Its how you react that counts!!

Your reactions speak volumes to children and effects their reactions too!!
Today, my daughter had a little mishap whilst playing with her friend, meaning a tiny bump to her head. She had a cry, one which I hadn't really heard from her before, but she soon calmed down! It got my friend and I discussing about how we react when our children get hurt, and how as a result we could be actually making their reactions worse.

I have always just said "oh dear" or "oh no!" with a slight laugh when my little one has bumped on her bottom when walking or had a little trip, but without even realising it I am sure I have jumped up in shock when a slightly larger fall has occurred, which immediately makes my little one feel that something is somehow wrong.

You are naturally worried when your child has an accident, and likely to show concern. Sometimes that concern can lead to panic, especially when you are in shock at what you have witnessed. It is important to try and remain calm in these situations, as the child will be panicking themselves and tend to panic more if their parents are showing shock.

When discussing this with my friend, she admitted that when she had seen her child fall and bite her lip, she had to let someone else deal with it as they were a lot calmer in the situation. If you have someone else there who can help you, it can also help the child calm down quicker, although generally, most children feel safer once in their parents arms. It is a tricky thing to deal with, but it a learning curve that parents have to endure in their everyday quest towards being a good parent!!!

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