Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Feeding our children in childcare

New research finds that nursery and pre school food is not good for our children

It is a topic which has been in the news a few years ago and I am sure will be again and again. Research by the school trust report has underlines that food served to toddlers in nurseries are too high in fat, salt, sugar and also extremely lacking in essential nutrients.

To deal with this, the government intends to produce guidelines for settings on the quality of food served in our schools and nurseries. Portion sizes are a big issue, with some children being served adult sized portions, and therefore will also be covered within the guidelines. Many parents are often confused about portion sizes, me being one of them and without guidance from my local children's centre, I would not have really had a clue about what to give my child.

When working in a nursery, I was taught that a child would have one serving spoonful of food on their plate, but serving spoon sizes can differ from setting to setting, and we would also find that some children would ask for more food, and rather than waste it, we would often give seconds. But was that too much????

I would love to hear from practitioners what their feelings on food and portion sizes within their settings and what works and what doesn't. Email me at and I will post your comments on here. It would make a very good discussion!!!

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