Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Peppa Pig - good or bad??

Is Peppa Pig making our children more mischievous???
An interesting piece by Rowan Pelling was on the Telegraph website yesterday, discussing how it has been said that children are copying Peppa and her brother George by jumping in muddy puddles, turning away vegetables and making fun of their parents!!

It is the age old discussion on just how television affects our children and is quite interesting. (I for one do not see the issue with jumping in muddy puddles - it is great fun!!) What Rowan rightly pointed out is that most of the behaviour is down to their age, and not necessarily what they see on the television. I have no issues with my daughter watching Peppa Pig as she loves it and laughs so much when watching it. I am sure she will learn, as children do, what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Peppa and Georges antics are done for humour and that is why it is so popular........and if you watch closely and pay attention, any vegetables which get turned away usually get eaten in the end!!!

What do you think?

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