Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Childrens grades suffer

Princes trust research shows that children's grades suffer due to a lack of routine

I was reading an interesting article on the BBC news website yesterday about research which suggests that a lack of routine in a child's life can seriously affect their progress at school. The research, carried out by the Princes trust, studied people aged 16-25 and asked about their childhood. It was found that more than half did not have a set bedtime and also those who performed weakest at school also did not have regular mealtimes.

The study went on to describe that those who felt they lacked direction and structure during their school days also were less confident and content within their loves.

It is amazing how many children nowadays go to school without breakfast. It is something may adults do themselves, my husband often being one of them with the rush to get to work, but in my opinion, it should be practised by parents to show their children how important the first meal of the day is to their concentration. Children who do not have a healthy breakfast to start their day are often more lethargic and lack concentration.

It goes the same for those children who do not have a set bedtime routine. If a child is tired, they are less likely to be able to concentrate at school and become tired and irritable fairly easily. I was brought up with a set bedtime until I was old enough to manage my own time, and even then I soon realised sleep meant I could work better the next day. I was allowed to stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays when I was younger, but even then it was still a set "late bedtime" and both myself and my sister have fared quite well academically (Mum and Dad DO know best, I have discovered!!)

Routines are very important. We give children routines as babies, we should continue with them as they grow older. Of course, the odd late night does not hurt no and again, but when it comes to schooling and allowing your child the best start in life, surely a bit of breakfast and a lot of sleep is the best thing we can give our children to help them to succeed.

What do you think?

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