Sunday, 15 January 2012


A simple activity which is cheap and good for rest ...........

...............and play!!!!!We have been exploring activity ideas to carry out out home which do not cost the earth and bring lots of fun! We have already looked at pegs and boxes and now we have been making a den!! All you need is two chairs and a sheet and there you have it!! It is quick, easy and hours of fun!! My little girl used it to sit with her teddies and read her books, with cushions adding a little comfort in her new found play place!!

Such an activity helps with your child's imaginative and creative development. Older children may pretend it is a fire station, a shop or even a tent for camping in!! As you can see from the picture at the top, my little one used hers as a place to sleep too!! I do believe she had plenty of fun and it is something I will definitely be setting up again for her in the future, as it cost me nothing to make!!!

Give it a go..................and practitioners can too, just use an adult chair and blanket or even a parachute. It is also fantastic in the garden as a den to hide in!!!

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