Thursday, 22 December 2011

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas can be stressful, and sometimes the children don't help!!
My daughter is still a little too young to really get excited about Christmas, but some children really can get over excited at this time of year, often adding to their parents already stressful festive preparations. I have heard stories about children making themselves sick the night before, with over excitement and have many parents saying how Christmas morning is a nightmare with very very excited children awake as early as 4 in the morning!!

The main thing to do here is be very firm with the rules for Christmas and stick to them. It can be very easy to just give in, simply because it is Christmas, but with so much going on which is different within their routines at this time of year, it is really important to stick to your guns and be consistent.

Although we don't have rules for our little one as she is so small still, we are prepared that the day is going to be very overwhelming for her. There is going to be lots of family around her, lots and lots of gifts people will want to see her open and of course, enough food to feed the family three times over!! Her routine will be totally out for the day and I am aware she may be very very tired and unsettled by the end of it. But, by being prepared for this, I am able to deal with it calmly and sensibly. If things get to much, I will take her away from the situation and calm her down. If there are too many gifts, I simply spread them out and save some for her later. It is just a case of planning ahead so that we all have a stress free Christmas and enjoy our wonderful day.

How do you deal with your over excited children at Christmas time???

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