Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Picking up the vibes

Without even realising it, your emotions can really effect your child
Just recently there has been a lot going on in the Childcare Clair household. There has been a lot of stress through a various array of things, and I have begun to notice that our little angel is picking up on things.

You don't even realise it is happening or that it is you that is causing it, but she has been very whiny recently and has had problems getting off to sleep. She also has been really pushing the boundaries within the home and adding to the stress somewhat!! You cannot hide your feelings when things are tough, but it is important that your child realises that they are still important to you. Spending time with them playing quietly and having one to one time at several points during the day can help with this.

It is very easy when you are stressed to become snappy with your child when their moaning just begins to grate you! What I have done to relieve this is to step away for 2 minutes just to calm myself down and clear my head. As long as your child is safe, this will not do them any harm, even if they are having a bit of a cry. Sometimes just taking a deep breath and counting to ten can also help to relieve the pressure.

Relying on family and friends is not a bad thing either, although it may seem like giving up. Just asking them to step in to care for your child whilst you have some you time to chill out, or even tackle some of the problems causing you stress can be very very rewarding. Many people can get quite ill when stress builds up, so making sure you do your best to relax can help to prevent this happening in the long run.

And of course, another great stress reliever is to smile (although my favourite by far is a good sing song!!)

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