Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nursery Nurses make fab friends!!

It is worth appreciating your work mates as they could be friends for life!!
I have worked with many wonderful people over the 11 years that I was in childcare, many of which were part of teams which gelled beautifully. I have been proud of them, disappointed with them and felt like part of their family. But, as all lives do, things move on and all of a sudden you do not see them any more.

It is in very many ways like the children in your care. Once they reach a certain age, they go off to new horizons and forget all about the special relationship they had shared with you. But, they have already made an impact with you and you can learn so much from the people you work with. I often feel I took some of the lovely people I worked with for granted and wished that if I had listened more to them, I could have learnt a great deal more than I have already.

I do miss many of the teams which I led in the past, and also those that I have been involved in. I am however, very lucky to still be in contact with a few lovely old work friends who still meet up with me and still teach me so much. One of them visited me and my daughter today, which meant so so much!! I guess there are some people who can really really have an impact on you and no matter how busy their lives are can still make the opportunity to meet up. I try my best to do so to, travelling by bus for lunch dates and play dates with their own children too!!

I guess what I am trying to say is to really make the most of the people you work with and enjoy learning from one another, as one day things may be very very different and you may not see them again!!!

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