Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

The house is all bustling - we are ready for Christmas!!

Being the nursery nurse at heart that I am, I decided to hold a little Christmas party for my little girl and a few of her friends. As only a few were able to attend my grand ideas of tinsel play and a range of Christmas related ideas were put on the back burner, but one idea which did stay was that of a very wintry messy play...........flour and glitter!!

I used my daughters paddling pool/ball pit as the base for my flour play, gathering all her toy penguins to complete the scene. It looked fantastic and went down so well with the children, who got stuck in and subsequently covered in white dust!! It was worth every minute- I even enjoyed cleaning it all away!!

Messy play is so beneficial for children as I have mentioned before. It was the texture of the flour which seemed to entice my daughter most, as she swirled her hands in the flour, letting it run through her fingers!! The laughter and enjoyment she was obviously getting from something so simple really did make the mess worthwhile!!

And so I leave you for Christmas and a special mention to Jen, who I have been informed reads this website every day! It makes me feel spurred to continue with news such as this as it is for all you parents and practitioners out there that I am doing this for.

So. Merry Christmas everyone from Childcare Clair. Eat, drink and be Merry!!!

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