Monday, 12 December 2011

Meeting Santa

For many little children, he can be a bit scary, but we all love Father Christmas!!

Yesterday, we took our little girl to meet Father Christmas at our local shopping centre. Being many years since I have stepped into a grotto, I was wondering what I should expect. I was concerned my daughter may burst into tears, despite the many "Ho Ho Ho"'s she was chanting before our turn arrived.

Many children can actually find Santa a bit scary. Imagine it........ a strange man with a funny looking beard covering his face, so you cannot see his face properly. Is he smiling? It's hard to tell! And he seems to know my can see how they can be a bit reluctant to approach him!!

I was most impressed with the set up inside the grotto. There were several helper elves on hand to help, offering to take photographs and asking lovely questions about how old she was and when her birthday was. It was all done very friendly, with no rushing you to get the next people in. We were encouraged to take our time and sit on the chair nest to him with our daughter on our lap. She was very shy all of a sudden, but didn't cry. She also didn't speak, but for when we had left the door and she happily said "bye bye Ho Ho Ho!"

The best advice I can give for young children meeting Father Christmas is to remain calm. If your child is upset, do not force them to approach him and any grotto staff with any salt will be prepared for this. As long as you do not show any fear or apprehension, it will help to make them feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, we must remember that we always tell children not to talk to strangers and here we are expecting them to talk to a huge man in red with a white beard!!!!

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