Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Having a laugh!

As she gets older, her sense of humour gets older too!!

I have always noticed that our little girl has a slapstick sense of humour. People falling over or being bumped on the head are hilarious. But, today I saw another side of her humour, that made me chuckle too!!

Walking home from the Christmas party at our local children's centre, the wind had begun to pick up and was battering her in her pushchair a bit. I had put up her hood of her coat to allow her not to get too cold in the chilly wind. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas!! It kept blowing the hood down. Each time this happened, she said "Oh No!!" and began to laugh. When I hadnt noticed, she cried "Mummy, Oh No!!" laughing out so loud!!

There is nothing so refreshing and charming as your childs laugh...........or any childs laugh!! It makes you smile and gives you such a warm feeling, and any troubkes you may have had that day vanish!! My husband and I relish making her laugh as it is such a pleasure to see her so happy and content! At the end of the day, I am going to make the most of her laughing when the cold wind blows as I am sure one day she will complain like mad!!

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