Friday, 9 December 2011

Sleeping patterns change from a mini break

Sometimes a few days away can be nice for parents, but not so great when you return!!

It is like a kind of punishment dished out by children when their parents return from a mini break. "Ive had fun whilst you have been away, but now you're back I'm going to be a little monkey!!" My husband and I left our daughter with my parents so that we could go to Bruges for the Christmas markets, picking her up little treats, but all the time she was enjoying her time with nanna and Grandad, I am sure she was formulating a cunning plan to drive her Mummy up the wall on her return!!

It is not as if she has been really misbehaving, she has just decided that all the little things she knows shes not supposed to do, she has decided to do constantly with a little grin on her face!! She has had a lot to get her head around as when we returned, we didn't take her home. Her Dad went to work and I remained with my parents to go to visit family for a few days. So, just as she had got used to sleeping at nannas, she had to get used to entirely new surroundings.

Young children are often phased by such changes in their routine. New surroundings, although interesting and challenging, can also be quite daunting when it comes to sleeping patterns and familiarity. The best thing to do in this situation is to keep to your principles! You do have to understand their uncomfortableness being in new surroundings, but you also have to take in consideration what they are going to be like on their return home. It is good to let them have a slightly bigger leeway when away, as at the end of the day, things are different. Holidays mean later nights, different foods and different people. Once you get home, the familiar sets in. We have found this by our child, who hasn't slept well over the past few nights, giving us a straight 10 hours sleep once in her own bed again.

What do you think?

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