Friday, 16 December 2011

Finding their own fun!!

Sometimes leaving them to play alone brings out their most creative side!!


So, the other day I am busy doing a few bits around the house and I left our daughter playing with her treasure basket. She runs off to the kitchen and I hear her giggling away to herself! What do I find, but she has made up her own game with a pine cone, just simply throwing the cone across the kitchen floor with a "ready, steady...go!!"

Sometimes leaving your child to explore objects in their own way can lead to such exciting moments as this. By exploring the pine cone in such a manner, she was discovering how it can roll in various directions and spin across the floor!! Just like in a previous post where she made a game with a stone and a peg, she is making sense of the world purely by exploring it in her own way and on her own terms.

It is fascinating to watch and by doing so, I can begin to understand how her mind is working and therefore discover ways to enhance her learning. I found a range of different balls and some rings from the game she received from Father Christmas for her to use in a similar way. Again, this is allowing her to begin to understand shapes, how to manipulate objects and a sense of spacial awareness!!

Watch this space to see what other wonderful games she creates from everyday objects!!

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