Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Time to get festive!!!

It is November and time to think about those all important Christmas cards!!
I love making my own Christmas cards with my daughter. It is something that went down very well last year, and so I decided to do a different design this year!! I have had several requests from my Mum chums to put some of my ideas on the site, so here is the first in my new series of Christmas card designs, which I will run throughout November!!

Reindeer cards

You will need:

Blank cards and envelopes
Brown paint
Copper paint
Red paint

Black marker pen or googly eyes
Merry Christmas stickers (from all good craft shops)
Your child's hands and feet!!
First, paint your child's foot with the brown paint. Fill a whole piece of paper with as many prints you can fit. With babies and toddlers, sitting them in a high chair is best, pressing down onto the paper with a book underneath to get a flat print.

Next, paint one of your child's hands and fill a piece of paper with hand prints. You will need two prints for every foot.

Now, paint little red circles onto some paper. If your child is not old enough to do this, get them to free paint onto some paper, and cut out the circles once it is dry. Either that, or paint them yourself!!

Once the prints are dry, cut out all the hands and feet and place to one side. Get a card and fold it.

Glue the two hand prints slightly overlapping one another onto the card to create antlers. Now glue a footprint in the middle of the two hands, toes facing upwards. This creates the reindeer's head.

Draw on eyes, or glue on some googly eyes. Then, at the end of the face, glue on a red circle to create the Reindeer's nose.

Now add your Merry Christmas sticker at the bottom of the card and there you have it!! I added some glittery snowflake stickers I found just to add some sparkle to the card!!

Happy card making, until next time.........hand and feet print angels!!!

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