Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Theres nothing worse than being ill!!

Coping when you are ill is not easy, especially when your child is ill too!!!

The last few days have been really testing for me!!! The dreaded cold has arrived, and my daughter brought it into the house and loves her Mummy so much, she thought she'd share!!! This is where things get tough. All the while it was only her with a runny nose, it wasn't so bad, but then I wake up with a runny nose and awful cough and realise things aren't going to get any easier!!

The best thing for colds is rest and plenty of vitamin C. In my case, it means carry on as much as possible and take lots of paracetamol and hot lemon drinks whilst nursing a miserable little girl whose nose is constantly running and making her feel very sorry for herself!! I have the snot marks on my clothes to prove it!! It is a hard thing to tackle when you are not yourself and it isn't easy when you wave your husband of to work and all you want to do is beg him to stay so you can go back to bed!!!

But that's the joys of being a parent. You have to take the rough with the smooth!! I am beginning to feel a bit brighter, but have realised that the worst part is that I have let the housework go big style, and I am now trying to clean up the mess that our colds have led me to create!! There are some advantages though.........when you have a cold or are ill, the best thing to do is sleep as it is your body's way of healing itself. So, with a poorly child who sleeps more during the day to get over her cold, I was able to get a little rest myself!!

It is a hard thing to do, but we have to make sure we look after ourselves in order to make sure that our children get the best care possible. If we feel well, our children pick up on the positive vibes, allowing them to begin to feel better within themselves. I have noticed that as I am beginning to feel better, my little girl is starting to cheer up too and has been happily playing after a day of sleeping and recuperating yesterday!!

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