Thursday, 10 November 2011

Music to paint by

A great way to combine music and creativity is to paint to music!!
It is an activity I have carried out in pre schools with 3 and 4 year olds, but today I decided to try it with my daughter. Painting to music can really help a child express themselves in a fun and creative way. She was quite happy painting along in the quiet, but as soon as I turned on the music, her body language changed! As you can see by the video, she began to really move and dance as she painted, which was a thrill to watch!!

With older children, you can offer a range of colours and try two different types of music for them to paint to. You can try a range of different styles, but when doing a painting session, I tend to pick just two at any one time. First, something with a beat, fast paced and up tempo, followed by something more mellow for a second painting. You can look at the colours the children choose for each painting and compare how they move with the brush. With older children you may see bigger, sweeping brush movements with the upbeat music, often accompanied by bold colours. Classical music works wonders for this activity. And don't forget to talk to them as they paint!!

Give it a go and see what the children in your care come up with!!!!

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