Friday, 25 November 2011

The little devil is starting to emerge!!

All children get to a certain stage.............where testing the boundaries is the new activity to enjoy!!
At 16 months, my little one is too clever for her own good. And we are starting to see the results of this with her everyday pushing the boundaries!!! It is all part of the learning process, yet can be quite annoying and very very testing!!! So, what is the best way to deal with this new found love for driving you up the wall??

The thing that is working slowly and surely for me is persistence and discipline. I am trying to teach her what is right and wrong through her trial and error! She understands that no means no and although some things (such as whacking mummy with a brush) she finds quite funny, I have to maintain my position and let her know it isn't on. After 2 warnings in the form of the word no, if she continues, I sit her on the floor away from me and leave her for 1 minute, with no eye contact or attention. After the minute, I approach her to say sorry to me with a cuddle and a kiss.

The worst thing is when you are out and about. Her latest thing is to scream spontaneously, not a sad scream but just a high pitched one for effect. This has been a very testing thing to deal with, and so what we tend to do is take away anything she has at the time or to push her away from the table if she is in a highchair. It seems to make an impact.

As long as you are consistent and other people who help look after your child are on the same page, things can change. It doesn't happen overnight and especially with younger ones, they may repeat their behaviour just to check if the rules are the same!!!

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