Monday, 14 November 2011

Learning table manners

Always something which can be difficult to teach, but is getting forgotten in our current lifestyles
Table manners is something that many nursery practitioners are noticing that children in their care are struggling to learn. Many children do find it difficult to sit still at the table for periods of time and maybe worst of all, have no idea how to use a knife and fork!

We have taken the opportunity to teach our little girl as early as possible. I always eat my lunch with her at the table whilst she is in her highchair and at weekends, we make a concerted effort to all eat together at the table for mealtimes. This way, she gets to see how to use cutlery and sit nicely at the table, as well as how mealtimes can be a fantastic social time for our family. More recently, she has been actually sat at the table, using a travel booster seat which attaches to the adult chair. This has gone down very well with her!!

Of course, she is still learning to use cutlery.........her hands get the food in much quicker!! But, we are laying the foundations and hopefully with perseverance and a lot of correcting and maybe a few tears, she will begin to understand what is expected of her at the table. Things are going so well at mealtimes currently, we are even thinking of eventually purchasing a small table and chair for her to sit at during the week, and getting rid of the highchair completely.

As with all behaviour, it is important to lay out the rules, be consistent and keep your cool!!! And don't forget the praise when they do something really well (our daughter got rapturous applause for using her spoon to eat her food at the weekend!!)

What do you think?

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