Friday, 4 November 2011

Is the UK really bad for children?

An interesting quote this week has got me pondering
It was reported in a tabloid newspaper this week that Ricky Gervais had claimed that the UK is bad for children. He was claimed to say "Americans believe they can be president. British kids are told 'Don't be stupid, it won't happen for you'"

This really got me thinking. We often hear about pushy parents, who push their children into paths in life (ie: stage schools, singing, Dancing etc) but it is rare that we hear someone entertain the possibility that we are actually not encouraging our children enough. I would like to think that if our daughter came to us with an idea of what she would like to be when she is older, we will nurture it and encourage her to work hard to fulfill her dreams.

We have all dreamed of being something that seems a little "out there" or too beyond our reach, but many people do reach their ultimate dream. I wanted to be an actress first..........then I wanted to be a teacher, and although I didn't quite make it to a school or the title "teacher", I believe I got quite close as a Nursery practitioner. After all, I did help teach children to do a range of activities from writing their names to toilet training!!

I feel it does depend on your family background too. I was lucky that our parents listened to my and my sisters dreams and encouraged us to do what we wanted. We were reminded that some of the jobs we mentioned did involve working hard, but both my sister and I seem to have really done them proud. (My sister wanted to be a ballerina once, and a nurse, but she makes a fab accountant!!!)

What do you think? Is our nation bad for our children????

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