Thursday, 3 November 2011

First steps


After waiting and waiting, she finally takes the next step!!
We were told not to be concerned, but I was beginning to feel a little disappointed that our little girl had not taken her first steps. We are very lucky that she is very talkative, and was obviously concentrating on that. Parents are told that concerns should not be made about a child walking until the age of over 18 months, but when all her friends were busy toddling away, I did wonder when it would be her turn!!

And low and behold, about a week or so ago, she took her first steps to her Mummy! Boy did she get so many cuddles and kisses from me, she must have thought it was the best reaction she had ever got for anything!! Now, she is taking steps where she can and loves being on her feet. She is still a little lacking in confidence, and takes the odd tumble still as you can see on the video, but we have got up to 9 steps now!!

Walking is a major development stage in a child's life. All of a sudden things that were out of reach and sight have become more accessible!! Of course, at these early stages, crawling is still the fasted mode of transportation, but walking is still great fun! They are the first show of Independence and a sign that they are no longer babies, but toddlers!

So now the next step is to get her some proper shoes and her first shoe fitting.........but that is a whole other post!!

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