Wednesday, 9 November 2011

First shoes

Buying your childrens first shoes is a very important stage in parenthood!!
It was something I had been itching to do since she first took her first little steps, but waited until she was showing a real interest in walking out and about, which she has done albeit holding onto Mum and Dad's hands!! So, at the weekend, we went and got her measured for her first ever pair of proper shoes.

The guidelines say that you should not get your child's first shoes until they have been walking solidly for 6 weeks. The first pair of shoes are often quite costly, but there are ways around it such as using an outlet quality shoes store, as we did. They still measure your child's feet and make sure that the shoes you have chosen fit correctly. Children grow out of their shoes very quickly, and you should be getting them measured every 6 weeks or so. It is important to make sure the shoes are well fitted to ensure that the feet still have room to grow properly. It is still important that indoors, children have the opportunity to walk around barefoot at home.

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