Monday, 7 November 2011

Feeding the ducks!

A very random thought do you teach your child to feed the ducks and not themselves!!I have had a lovely time out today with a good friend whom I met through my local children's centre. We now meet up once a week with our girls to go out, play indoors or do arty activities together. It is a friendship in which I cannot imagine being without now, as we get on so well and our girls seem to adore one another.

Today's trip was to a local woodland area where the two girls could get close to nature and feed the ducks. It was a lovely little walk with fantastic areas to stop and look at the wildlife or eat a picnic. The whole sense of Autumn was in full swing with all the leaves on the ground and that lovely crisp sound beneath your feet. There were wood carvings made from the felled trees around the site and a wonderful bench made from a fallen tree. It was one of the nicest areas I have ever taken my daughter to, and can't wait to visit again!!

Anyway, we took some bread to feed the ducks, something which my daughter or her friend had never done before. We Mummies took some bread first and showed the girls what to do. My daughter held her piece of bread and looked at it for a while. Her friend ate it, so she followed suit and the Mums ended up feeding the ducks themselves!! It is very difficult for young children to understand the whole concept of feeding ducks, especially when it just comes so naturally to us adults!!

I cannot remember ever learning to feed the ducks. I am sure I must have been shown at some point, although I do have very fond memories of feeding ducks when visiting my Grandad. I even called him "Grandad with the ducks". I was very small, perhaps 3 years old or so, but it is one of my earliest memories. I guess that was what today and days like it are all about, creating memories. Something which is simple and only costs a cheap loaf of bread and some petrol to get there can create something that one day even my daughter can look back on and remember fondly. Of course, at the age of 15 months, I doubt this day will be remembered by her, but I will and can relive it with her that way!!

In terms of teaching a child to feed the ducks, we came to the conclusion that it is something that we have to keep on doing until they start to copy what we are doing. By the end of our little session today, my friends daughter was starting to feed the ducks her sandwiches, well at least trying to by throwing it on the ground!! My daughter is still a little bemused as to why I wont let her throw her food at home, and yet she is supposed to throw perfectly good bread to a load of ducks!!

Isn't the world a confusing place for a toddler!!!

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