Monday, 28 November 2011

Creating a construction area

One for the practitioners......but, space is key!!

When creating a construction area, one of the most important things to think about is space. Children need to have space in which to design and create their masterpieces, whether it be a train track or bricks. Having a clear space in which they can create, allows them to spread themselves out and make the most of the room they have.

There are many things which are handy to have available within a construction area. Some which I have worked with and found useful are:

* large construction bricks (such as mega blocks and large wooden bricks)
* Lego (in pre school rooms)
* Duplo and small wooden bricks
* Wooden train track
* Bob the Builder sets, including diggers etc
* Cog and wheel sets
* Builders tool kits and tool bags
* Dressing up builders hats and clothes
* Clipboards and pencils for designing and writing
* Name clip badges, for pretend play
* Rulers and tape measures for measuring
* Photo graphs on the wall of buildings and builders at work

The construction area can therefore cover many areas of learning within one place. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy (measuring and shapes etc), Communication, language and literacy (New vocabulary and talking to one another), Personal, social and emotional (sharing and team work), Physical Development (spacial awareness and co-ordination) and Creative development (designing and making) are all covered within the construction area as well as Knowledge and understanding of the world, as they try to make sense of what they have seen in their everyday lives and create their own masterpieces.

I never realised how beneficial the construction area can be until working at a nursery which had a large construction area. I was fascinated to see both boys and girls enjoying the area and expanding their knowledge through play. It is definitely an area worth spending a great amount of effort on, as are all areas within a room in a setting!!

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