Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas card idea number 2!!

Have a go at this idea for another footprint card!!
You will need:

Light blue paint
Silver/ purple sparkle paint
Pink paint
Yellow/brown paint
Marker pen
Blank greetings cards
Happy Christmas labels
1. Paint your child's hands with the silver/purple paint and cover a piece of A4 paper with the prints

2. Paint your child's feet using the blue paint and cover another piece of paper with the prints.

3. Cut out the prints and place to one side. Start off with two hand prints slightly overlapping one another to create wings. Glue a footprint toe side down to create the body.

4. Paint a pink circle at the top of the footprint to create a head. Allow to dry and draw on eyes, nose and mouth. With the yellow/ brown paint, paint hair on the angels head.

5. Draw a halo over the angels head. You can use you marker pen, but I used a silver pen for mine. You could also glue a halo shape at the top of the head and sprinkle glitter onto it.

6. Add the Christmas label at the bottom of the card and hey presto............ an angel Christmas card!!

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