Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Box clever!

We always say it.......spend lots of money on toys and all they want is the box!!
My daughters latest fad is trying to climb inside her toy box! It has been quite funny watching her trying to squeeze in to a small box, but I asked her Grandma if she could bring over the huge cardboard box she had at home!! Hence, a new exploration of play has begun!

Children of many ages like boxes. At 16 months, my little one enjoys putting things into the box and taking them out again, and also using it as a place to hide! Older children also enjoy using boxes for imaginative play, pretending it is a space ship, house, shop....the possibilities are endless!! I have often used boxes to create displays too when working in a setting. I have made a wall display using a smaller box stapled onto a board to create a scene from the story "whatever next" which is based on a bear using a box to go to the moon!! Another fab idea I have done is to make a box into a hot air balloon in a home corner area, attaching balloons to the box and encouraging the children to make believe they are sailing up into the sky.........fantastic!!

Boxes can be painted to create whatever you want. My mother in law described how my father in law used to make big cardboard boxes into castles for my husband and his brothers, creating a stir in the neighbourhood as the best toy ever!!! It doesn't take much to create a fantastic game using a box. I must admit, I found myself sitting in the box with my daughter the other day, pretending it was a car and all her teddies were the passengers!! She loved it!!! We also had a great game of hide and seek in the box too!!

So get down to your local supermarket, tell all your family and friends you want a box and get creative!!! You never know, you could end up having more fun than the children!!!

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