Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The trouble with cameras

There are a lot of new rules out there banning cameras...........madness or protecting our children?

Since the horrific stories of child abuse within nurseries in 2009, many nurseries have taken measures to protect the children in their care by banning mobile phones in their premises, to prevent such events occurring. I have come across this recently in my local children's centre, where rather than ban phones, parents are asked to have them on silent and calls to be taken away from the children in the corridors. Parents have also been asked not to take photographs of their children in the vicinity of other children, unless the other child's parents are there to consent.

This has caused many of the parents to moan within the group. It was explained that it is for the children's protection and to me, what they are asking is perfectly reasonable. I would not be happy if a stranger was taking my little girls photograph without asking my permission or explaining themselves. You really cannot be too careful sometimes!!

Where things do tend to annoy parents is when it comes to school performances, where parents are asked not to take photographs. I have worked in nurseries where they have got around this by asking each child's parent to sign a consent form to say that they are happy to have their child filmed or photographed during performances. As to yet, I have not encountered any parent saying no, but I could imagine if one parent disagrees, there could be repercussions!!!

It is getting worse too.........recently in the news, a man was banned from taking a photo of his child inside a shopping centre. It even got to the point where a policeman got involved!! It does come to something when you cannot even take photographs of your own child experiencing everyday activities. There are some policies parents will agree with for sure, but this one really does take the biscuit!!!

What do you think?

Photo of my little one taken by peterhallphotography.co.uk

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